Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mary Quant

I know it's been sooo long since my last post so shame on me!  I do have an excuse though and it is pretty passable.  Recently I've acquired a new job and school is starting to drive me crazy again.  Nonetheless, I can't stay away for too long and so I'm back.  Recently I discovered the 60's fashion genius Mary Quant, while looking through one of my textbooks.  I was actually pretty embarrassed for not having heard of her before but I'm still learning.  Turns out she was a very well-known designer in the 60's and many give her credit for the "mini skirt".  Remember this was considered a HUGE change from that "clean" 50's image.  Just thinking about the risk she had to take makes me want to yell out, "GO GIRL!"  Looking through photographs of her designs made me realize how incredibly talented she is!

Here are some of the pictures I fell in love with...


Mary Quant


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