Monday, August 27, 2012

Thrifting Love Affair

It has been about a year and a half ago since I began acquiring vintage/thrifted clothing and other items.  An old wooden 1960's vanity dresser was the first piece to make me fall for the game.  You see I wasn't raised with the idea that it was alright to buy used clothing.  My mother always referred to it as a bad and dirty habit (I don't think she ever gave it a chance).  For this very reason I had never stepped inside a thrift store until the age of 20.  All these bloggers and youtube guru's were raving about how great it was.  I wanted to see for myself.  And so the collection began! I was missing out on so much!  My wallet soon became pretty plentiful for my closet (I loved that).  The broad selection of different garments made me happy.  I could now mix and match as many times as I wanted! This is definitely a great tool for all of us college students that are under a budget and still want to look fashionable.  Sure I still buy clothing from the mall (when I can) and mix it with the thrifted goods.  I learned that saving money is far from a dirty habit.  It's called being smart!

Some tips for begginers!

  • Always wear flats! (You are going to be doing a lot of walking, digging, and browsing).
  • Take hand sanitizer (Okay, so it's not a dirty habit but it's still a thrift store.  Not everything is clean).
  • Carry a small purse (You don't want to have your arms full with something heavy).
  • Take your time and look through every corner.  There are always hidden treasures!

Here are a few of the gorgeous pieces I have collected!


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